1 The 1st textile company is committed to ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 certificates in the meanwhile in China.
0 None quality accident during the 20 years OEM experience.
40 Currently we are manufacturing socks for clients from more than 40 countries and regions in the world.
24 We will reply to the inquiry within 24 hours and provide the samples within 7 work days. Delivery will be made within 60 days.
100% All raw material suppliers are certified by Swiss OEKO-TEX100 bio-textile standard.
200 200 state-of-art computerized knitting machines and ancillary production equipments
10 Quality control staff of the production line boasts 10 years' work experience on average
20 12 professional technicians with over 20 years work experience.
18 All employees are adult workers over the age of 18
100% Every production process is inspected by quality control personnel
100% All products are subject to 100% rigorous quality inspection.
24 The quality inspection will be done 24 hours after ironing and natural positioning.
100% Products are subject to 100% needle detector screening before leaving the factory.
3% The ratio of More or Less is strictly controlled within 3%.
5 All documents are provided within 5 work days after delivery.